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Our U.S. patented foliar formula is all-natural, seaweed-based, and proven highly effective by delivering essential micro and secondary macro-nutrients to each plant. The result is a fast start, stronger plant structure, increased root density and length for greater nutrient uptake. Most crops require only 1 litre per hectare (2.5 acres) which also includes a seed treatment for greater germination.

  • All-Natural seaweed-based

  • Delivers essential micro-nutrients

  • Patented activator increases plant absorption

  • Field trial proven on most crops since 2013

  • Only 1 litre required on most crops per ha.

  • 2 foliar applications only

  • Can be applied with herbicides

  • Increases root density

  • Greater NPK uptake

  • Greater pest resistance

  • Stronger plant structure

  • Can reduce irrigation

  • Better quality of the harvest

  • Significantly higher yields

  • Affordable

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