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Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines and integrated systems for the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials. We are proud of the reputation we have gained over more than 60 years for the quality of our innovative and reliable products and for the personal service that we give to all of our customers. An exceptionally wide product range encompasses some stages of mechanical processing for most of the world’s crops, varying in scale from individual machines to large-scale industrial projects.

Many contracts have been successfully handled in most of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean and Central America, we have had success with a wide variety of generally small-scale equipment from driers and mills for rice, to cleaners and pulpers for coffee, feed milling systems and fruit processing equipment. In South America, we have concentrated on larger scale projects involving mainly grain drying and feed milling technologies.

Alvan Blanch has an established range of Coffee Pulpers for use on rural farms through to industrial plantations, incorporating many proven features on all models - both drum and disc type. Our range of Coffee Hullers is suitable for the smallholder and large processor alike. All coffee and cocoa processing equipment from Alvan Blanch is precision made, yet still robust - so essential in meeting the demands of today’s world.

Alvan Blanch has been designing & manufacturing grain driers for over 60 years. The new highly efficient, uniquely versatile and environmentally-friendly driers have been radically re-engineered.  They are suitable for an extensive range of crops including soya beans, wheat, barley, grass seed, oats, rice, rapeseed, linseed and many, many others.

Exporting driers has been a key activity for Alvan Blanch from the earliest days and now extends to over 100 countries worldwide.

Our approach of matching equipment design to the specific needs of our clients and taking careful account of local factors such as climate, crop types, traditions and economic pressures is an important part of the process to enable our driers to be used to their full capacity.

Alvan Blanch custom designs and manufactures static and complete mobile fruit plants with washing, milling, blending and pasteurising for the fruit and vegetable processing industries. Alvan Blanch is experienced with processing tomato, pineapple, papaya, mango, apple and passion fruit. We guarantee operation to specific client requirements and constraints. We provide engineering and consulting services to help you achieve the simplest and most cost-effective solutions, to increase your efficiency and increase your profits.

Alvan Blanch offers complete project management capability for process installation. Total project activity from initial consultation and design, through engineering, to manufacturing, installation, pre-commissioning, supervision, support to final start-up and commissioning.

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