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What is Ecostim?

EcoStim is a UK manufacturer that develops natural biostimulants.

We believe by making the crop and soil healthier our growers can make better long-term profits while benefiting the environment.

EcoStim Biostimulants are made by using the natural properties of plants to preserve the biodiversity of our planet without environmental and health risks.
Our products are fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly and work on all species of plants and turf.

The portfolio of products that EcoStim develops cover all aspects of agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, ornamental and sports application.

The biostimulants are complex compositions, containing a range of organic materials – but posses no live microorganisms.

We are passionate about ecological sustainability and understand the impending changes caused by climate change.

We strive to help each industry maintain and exceed current targets by operating worldwide, with distributors in major countries.

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