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The Papa Pump is a water pump that used no fuel or electricity, just the natural power of flowing water.


"It is probably the world's simplest and most cost effective water pumping solution!"


Based on a traditional hydro ram, Water Powered Technologies has advanced the design with modern materials and a patented new Venturi Valve which has enabled the Papa Pump to be lighter, smaller, more durable and more efficient than the old traditional cast iron ram pumps.


So, you think you know about ram pumps!


But do you know about the Papa Pump? 


Although its based on the traditional hydro ram principles of using the 'water hammer' effect to pressurise a portion of the flow, the Papa Pump uses a patented new rubber valve which has enabled the pump to be much smaller and lighter. The other bonus is that it can be manufactured from modern materials - the body is made from a glass/plastic composite which is extremely strong and stable, and doesn't rust!


Using the new valve has increased efficiency and the use of modern material has increased the durability of parts and reduced costs, for instance replacing a Papa Pump valve is a fraction of the cost of the traditional valves.

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papapump verde 8.jpeg
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